Company Profile

SOLCRUD International Resources LLP, British Columbia – as a business/transaction facilitator in the energy sector - offers a profitable opportunity by creating long term links between buyers and sellers in the crude oil, refined oil products, and gas and minerals market.

        We are committed to providing market solutions for its energy customers through a vast network of suppliers of crude oil and refined products, generated via their experience and capability to sell and supply promptly the Bonny Light and Palanca Crude Oils and/or Russian Jet Fuel, Diesel, gasoline, fuel oil, LNG, LPG, etc. to esteemed, prospective, and financially able buyers.

        Striving to become a premier in the Oil and Gas industry, SOLCRUD International Resources LLP has already shown excellent achievements with different successful transactions within a short history of only four years, thus defined as a bona-fide facilitator in export - import of Bonny Light, Palanca Oil and refined products, respectively. Our main portfolio includes marketing, facilitating and trading in the Crude Oil and Oil Products sector.





        The goal of SOLCRUD International Resources LLP is bonded with its vision and mission in the Oil and Gas sector to objectively achieve success through its commitment to excellence and adding value to the world’s energy demands for the growth benefits of its nations and that of the company boards, as well as to create a perfect satisfaction for its clients/customers.

          The company has in place a maintenance and support strategy carefully articulated and subject to periodic review to realize its competitive edge and growth objectives. Our support facilities are also designed to meet the requirements of our anticipated target in the oil and gas markets.

        With its operations across the globe, SOLCRUD International Resources LLP is to be considered in a process of integration into the world’s leading energy corporate body for its explored skills in connecting different end- buyers and end-sellers in beneficial ways within the oil and gas market, today.

        The SOLCRUD International Resources LLP effectively facilitates both sales and purchases of high quality light crude oil and its different classes of refined products, delivering a high value of innovative management for all company stakeholders.        





       The corporate values of SOLCRUD International Resources LLP are in the business of creating good image and prestige for its stakeholders through the quality products and services offered to its customers.

       Here at SOLCRUD International Resources LLP, we believe that clear-cut conduct in the crude oil business makes an integral of part of success, as we strive to always act responsibly with those who work for us and those that we work for.

        We have an extensive distribution network which we use to deliver crude oil to our clients’ refineries, as well as refined products to the wholesale and retail markets.

        We strongly believe that the size and extent of our suppliers’ marketing and transportation network shows a broad strength, convenience and reliability that characterizes our company as we bring to our consumers the keys to the success and financial benefits of our business.

Our systemized  strategy is to increase the profitability of our operations via the following methods:

· Developing opportunities for expansion and asset upgrading,

· Openness to expand our operating margins via flexibility in our offers.

SOLCRUD International Resources LLP looks forward to any and all growth opportunities as an independent company.

SOLCRUD International Resources LLP 

                                  Facilitating Success!